About "The Last Algonquin, The Movie"

Drawing by Ben Wright

Anyone who has read "The Last Algonquin," and put the book down with tears in their eyes, has most assuredly had the thought, "Someone should make this book into a movie." This was the experience of the film's producer, Phil Moyer, who decided at that moment to do just that: to make this timeless story into a major motion picture. Phil contacted the book's author, Ted Kazimiroff, and now holds the motion picture rights to make this extraordinary book into a film.

As the owner of an Arizona film production company, Phil has the knowledge and contacts to put such a project together, and has assembled a team of veteran filmmakers to work with him: Michael Blake, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the film classic, "Dances With Wolves," Michael Hauge, the film industry expert on screenplay development, Ted Kazimiroff, who will function as a technical advisor on the film, and Gene Massey, an innovative film producer holding a U.S. Patent for film financing on the Internet. Phil is continuing to assemble key players for this worthwhile endeavor and is now working on getting this extraordinary project funded.

Our initial needs are to secure more development funding from accredited investors who share our passion for turning this book into a movie. Accredited investors and high net worth individuals who would like to work with us on this great film should contact Phil Moyer at (928) 300-4919 for more information.