"The Last Algonquin" by Ted Kazimiroff

Now in its 7th printing, this is the extraordinary, true story of a young Boy Scout who discovers a Native American, "Joe Two Trees" - the last of his tribe - living in the wilds of a park in New York City in 1924. It's about the poignant relationship that grows between this ancient Algonquin Brave and the boy to whom he entrusts his remarkable life's story. Joe Two Trees' journey contains all the elements of a compelling and successful drama: adventure, action, haunting characters, and a daring illicit romance.


"A beautiful and affecting story - a quest, a mythic adventure and journey."

New York Times

"A portrait of youth and age, pupil and teacher. The story of Joe passed on to his young friend is an astonishing account of a lonely man's will to survive... It's a remarkable tale."

Publishers Weekly

"A touching story not easily forgotten."

Charleston Post

"As recently as 1924, a lone Algonquin indian lived quietly in Pelham Bay Park, a wild and isolated corner of New York City. Joe Two Trees thought he was the last of his people, and this is the gripping story of his bitter struggle, remarkable courage, and constant quest for dignity and peace."

Walker Book Review

"...Kazimiroff has written the story of that friendship between the old indian and the young white boy, and has reconstructed a narrative tale of Two Trees's life...all of which was told to him as a child by his father."

American Anthropologist

"This classic will live forever."

Michael Blake - Academy Award Winning Screenwriter of "Dances With Wolves".

The Last Algonquin is an American classic and a narrative story in the vein of films like "The Life of Pi", "Into the Wild", "Whale Rider", "Amazing Grace", and "Jeremiah Johnson".