"The Last Algonquin" - Production Team

Phil Moyer


Phil is a film producer whose extraordinary vision and taste is turning this classic book into a major motion picture... (read more)

Michael Blake


Michael won an Oscar for his screenplay for "Dances With Wolves"... (read more)

Ted Kazimiroff

Story Consultant

Ted is the Son of Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff, whose story as the Boy Scout who befriends Joe Two Trees inspired Ted to write the book, "The Last Algonquin"... (read more)

Gene Massey

Financial Consultant

Gene created CinemaShares.com and holds a U.S. Patent for its innovative new method of financing films on the Internet... (read more)

Michael Hauge

Development Consultant

Michael is recognized as the film industry expert on story development and screenplays... (read more)